Plastic is Killing our planet


Over One Million Birds And Sea-life are Killed Each year by plastic pollution

There has been more plastic produced in the last 18 years, than the entire 20th century. Only a small amount of plastic is reused or recycled. 

Plastics in the ocean.

Plastic doesn't breakdown it breaks up in to smaller pieces and gets eaten or embedded in seabirds and sea creatures. There is enough plastic in the ocean to cover every beach on earth. 90% of all seabirds have plastic in them. 

We need to make a change now.

Many scientists believe the damage that plastic is causing to the worlds Oceans is more harmful to the Eco system than Global warming and if we don't make a change in the next 5 years the damage will be catastrophic. 

How we can make a difference.

If you shop with the glass dispensary we will help limit the amount of single use plastics people use in toiletries and beauty products. We will also work tirelessly to change the way manufacturers and retailers use plastics. 

It is only the start.

With your help we can develop new eco friendly products, reach more people and advocate with companies and law makers to reduce and clean up plastic pollution. We will also organize local plastic clean up.  

It's a revolution

Together we can make a difference so not only do we want your custom we also want your passion, ideas and your outrage to make a difference.